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BOOSTER PUMP ASSY N200 50/60/1PH - B016120001
BOOSTER PUMP ASSY N200 50/60/3PH - B016120002
Booster Pump supplies a positive pressure to the Pre-filters, and through to the High Pressure Pump. The Horizon Seafari utilizes a pump with a performance curve of 80 Ft Head (35 psi) at 4.2 GPM. The resulting pressure at the High Pressure Pump depends on the final configuration.

  • The Booster Pump is a centrifugal pump and it is not self-priming.
  • The booster pump volute must be fully filled with water in order for the booster pump to operate properly.
  • Any air present in the pump prevents the water from flowing.
  • Mounting the booster pump below water level ensures that air never enters the booster pump volute.
  • For best results, install the Booster Pump Below Water Level and close to the Sea Strainer, if installed.
  • The Booster Pump may be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
  • If mounted vertically, the Wet End MUST be mounted DOWN (on bottom).
  • If mounted vertically (with the wet end on top) the motor may develop an electrical short should the wet end of the Booster Pump leak.
  • Connect the Booster Pump inlet to the Sea Strainer Outlet or Sea Cock valve, or if the Inlet Rinse/Clean Valve is installed then connect the Booster Pump Inlet to the Center (common) port of the Inlet Clean/Rinse Valve.
  • Keep this line as short and straight as possible.
  • Avoid up and down loops, 90° elbows, and hose kinks.

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