Part No. 061080056000


You can combine this washer with the corresponding bolt 061142157016 BOLT HEX 3/8-16 X 1 SS.

This part belongs to the assemblies below :

HP PUMP/ MOTOR PLGR VERSATILE 110/220/50/60/1PH - B2151410003 (Standard)
HP PUMP/ MOTOR PLGR HRO VERSATILE 220/60/3PH - B2151410004 (Standard)
HP PUMP/ MOTOR PLGR HRO VERSATILE 220/380/50/3 - B2151410005 (Standard)
HP PUMP / MOTOR ASSY APP 110/220/50/60 1PH - B2151410001 (Optional)
HP PUMP / MOTOR ASSY APP 220/380/5/6 3PH - B2151410002 (Optional)
Electric Motor is directly coupled to the High Pressure Pump. Single Phase Systems utilize specially designed electric motors, which include a thermal overload protection switch which shuts the System off due to low voltage or over loading.

  • The Modular Style System High Pressure Pump and Motor Assembly require installation on a flat horizontal base.
  • Ensure easy access to pump crankcase oil changes and motor bearing grease fittings.
  • Use the supplied Rubber Isolation Mounts and hardware for mounting the Assembly.
  • Connect the Inlet of the High Pressure Pump to the Outlet of the Low Pressure Pick Up Tee.

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