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De Village Marine CC2000 – XP Series Watermakers zijn ontworpen voor zware offshore toepassingen. Deze ontzilting oplossingen zijn in staat om te produceren tussen de 2,000-26,000 GPD, waardoor ze ideaal zijn voor zowel commerciële scheepvaart, olie- en gas-toepassingen .


Designed for Offshore, MODU, FSO, FPSO, and Drill Ships, Parker CC Series Watermakers provide engineered solutions to meet customer specifications in harsh offshore applications. Each one is configured with all accessories in a single box frame. Various pre-treatment and post-treatment options are also available. This desalination solution is able to produce between 2,000 and 26,000 Gallons Per Day (7.5 to 100 m3/day), ideal for numerous harsh offshore applications. Technology:

  • This Watermaker features the Aqua Pro® High Pressure Pump-5P50.

Pre-treatment options available:

  • Media filter pre-treatment with automated backwash
  • Activated carbon pre-treatment with automated backwash
  • De-chlorination pre-treatment by SMBS dosing and ORP monitoring
  • Second pass treatment for turbine wash or boiler feedwater purity requirements

Post-treatment options available:

  • Remineralizer post-treatment for PH neutralization
  • Chlorination post-treatment
  • Ultraviolet light germicidal skids packages with point-of-use treatment processes


  • Status and alarm signals for remote monitoring


  • Full vendor data book with SDRL requirements for equipment data, testing, drawings, and QA documentation

Pump: At the core of each CC series Watermaker is the Aqua Pro® High Pressure Pump-5P50. Constructed featuring:

  • Titanium head for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Balanced drive for lowest noise and pulsation
  • Ceramic Plungers and nylon valves for long service life


  • Aluminized flamecoat skid treatment for optimum corrosion protection
  • GRE/FRP piping for deck installation

Safety: Hazardous area explosion proof ratings available:

  • NEC Class I, Division I, Group D
  • NEC Class I, Division 2, Group D
  • IEC 60079 (IECEX), Zone 2, Group IIA, T3


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Performance Characteristics
Merk Village Marine
Toepassing Commercieel, olie en gas
Configuratie Een box frame
Product type Watermaker
Water productie 7,500 – 98,500 LPD
Pomp Aqua Pro® High Pressure Pump – 5P50
Filters Voor en na behandelingsopties
Gewicht Afhankelijk van de configuratie
Afmetingen (H x B x L) Afhankelijk van de configuratie