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Little Wonder
little wonder modular - Village Marine
little wonder modular - Village Marine
little wonder modular - Village Marine

De Village Marine Little Wonder Modular Series Watermaker is de beste keuze voor watersporters die behoefte hebben aan kleine watermakers met een laag vermogen. Eenvoudig te installeren, makkelijk te bedienen, en in staat om te produceren tot 145 GPD , dit is een ideale ontzilter voor zeilboten .


The Village Marine Little Wonder Modular Series Watermaker is ideal for the experienced sailor. Reverse osmosis desalination systems are the preferred choice for boaters who require small low power watermakers. The systems are simple to install and easy to operate. Perfect for applications where space and power are limited. The quality components that go into these units ensure safety and years of reliable service. Featuring a modular configuration that is also compact, this desalinator is the most reliable, field serviceable, quiet, efficient and economical source of fresh water available. Able to produce up to 145 GPD (550 LPD), the Little Wonder is designed for cruising sail boats where space and power are limited and reliability is required Technology:

  • Adjustable 316 SS Pressure Regulating Valve provides constant pressure. No fluctuating pressure and low noise
  • Easy to operate High Pressure Bypass Valve controls the operating mode from cleaning/rinse to reverse osmosis
  • High salt water rejection rate
  • Product Sample Valve included
  • CIP system allows membrane cleaning/pickling by simple to use cartridges
  • Optional remote instrument panel configuration for LWM units


  • Product Flowmeter to monitor gallons per hour of fresh water produced
  • Glycerine filled high pressure gauge to assure accurate reading of operating pressure


  • The units are simple to install and easy to operate
  • Supplied with Cleaning and Preservative Chemicals to keep your system in prime working condition, plus a Spare Pre-filter Cartridge


  • Titanium high pressure pump is impervious to the corrosive sea waqter environment and designed for maximum efficiency, producing more water with less battery power
  • This pump is single piston, belt driven, and a low RPM high-pressure pump
  • Raw water boost pump with magnetic drive provides extra feed pressure


  • 12V, Permanent Magnet Motor has significant reserve capacity for long life (on DC powered units)
  • Special Hi-Rejection Aqua Pro Membrane(s)


  • Components that go into the units ensure safety and years of reliable service
  • Product Sample Valve
  • Cleaning Valve


  • Manual Fresh Water Flush


Performance Characteristics
Merk Village Marine
Toepassing Vrij
Configuratie Modular
Product type Watermaker
Water productie 550 – 760 LPD
Pomp Aqua Pro® Pump, Titanium High Pressure Pump
Omgekeerde osmose membraan Hi-rejection Aqua Pro® membrane(s), hi-rejection Aqua Pro® membrane(s)
Filters 5 micron voorfilter
Power opties AC of DC
Aanpassing druk Handmatig
Gewicht 28 – 31 kg
Afmetingen (H x B x L) Uiteindelijke configuraties zullen variëren nadat componenten zijn toegevoegd
Electrische vereisten Varieert per onderdeelnummer