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De Village Marine LT Series Watermaker is compact en semi-modulair, biedt een volledig flexibele installatie. Produceert tussen de 400-1,800 GPD , deze ontzilter is ideaal voor motorboten, zeilboten, en kleine tot middelgrote commerciële schip toepassingen.


The Village Marine LT Series Watermaker is a great first mate for fishing, ocean crossings, extended voyages, or blue water cruising. The LT Series features a semi-modular and compact frame format that is able to be mounted above or below the water line, creating installation flexibility. (The boost pump and prefilters are supplied as loose items). The 400 and 600 models can be configured with membranes mounted on the top or back of frame, or with the remote membrane rack, please specify when ordering. All of the other LT Series models use the remote membrane rack. The LT Series is able to produce between 400 – 1,800 GPD (1,514 – 6,814 LPD), making this desalinator great for fresh water independence when dock water supplies are unreliable. An ideal watermaker for power boats, sailboats, and small-to-mid-sized commercial vessel applications. Technology:

  • Electrical control panel Nema 4X with motor starter and pump controls
  • Digital monitors


  • Flowmeter to monitor freshwater production
  • Digital water quality monitor displays purity of product water produced
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauges


  • Manual freshwater flush system (included standard)


  • Compact stainless steel high pressure pump is resistant to the corrosive seawater environment
  • Magnetic drive low pressure pump provides up to 10 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system, never requires a seal replacement
  • Boost pump and prefilters are supplied as loose items


  • 316 stainless steel pressure regulator is adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water
  • Sediment prefilter at 5 micron rating
  • All models come equipped with remote membrane rack as an option
  • The 400 and 600 GPD models can also be configured with membranes mounted on the top or back of the frame


  • Automatic diversion valve diverts water to overboard if quality drops below acceptable standards


  • Freshwater flush system (included standard) for manual flushing or (optional) timed automatic flush with adjustable interval and duration for set-and-forget flushing
  • Optional Remote with water quality indicator, comes with 50 ft. cable


Performance Characteristics
Merk Village Marine
Toepassing Vrij
Configuratie Semi-Modular
Product type Watermaker
Water productie 1,514 – 6,814 LPD
Pomp Aqua Pro® pump, Titanium High Pressure Pump, Magnetic drive low pressure pump
Omgekeerde osmose membraan Hi-rejection Aqua Pro® membrane(s)
Filters 5 micron voorfilter
Power opties AC
Aanpassing druk Automatisch
Gewicht 52 – 71 kg
Afmetingen (H x B x L) Afhankelijk van de configuratie
Electrische vereisten