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PW Frame
PW_400-2000_angle 2
PW_400-2000_angle 2

De Village Marine Pure Water Series Watermaker is ontworpen voor continubedrijf toepassingen, waar zoetwater voorraden essentieel zijn. Deze ontzilter is in staat om te produceren tussen de 400-2,000 GPD, waardoor het ideaal is voor commerciële marine toepassingen.


The Village Marine Pure Water Series Watermaker is designed to provide installation flexibility, superior performance, and extended service life in the most rugged conditions. The Pure Water is the VMT flagship model designed for 24/7, continuous duty applications, where reliable fresh water supply is critical. The fully framed unit is standard, however semi-modular and fully modular versions are also available for space restrictions. At the core of each Pure Water Series system are the AquaPro® high rejection seawater membranes, along with a Monel mesh strainer and dual sediment prefilters, to ensure high quality potable water supply. Able to produce up to 400-2,000 GPD (1,514-7,571 LPD), this is an ideal desalinator for commercial marine applications. Technology:

  • Adjustable 316 SS pressure regulating valve allows use in fresh, brackish or seawater
  • Easy to operate 316 SS high pressure bypass valve controls the operating mode and allows high pressure bypass for start-up and low pressure flushing without readjustment of regulating valve


  • Stainless steel, glycerin filled pressure gauges


  • Maintenance-free air/oil separator allows operation while underway
  • No mechanical seal on the low pressure pump reduces the need for maintenance


  • Low RPM five plunger titanium pump for minimum vibration and noise with unsurpassed corrosion resistance
  • Magnetic drive low pressure pump provides up to 10 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system; no mechanical seal to reduce maintenance requirement


  • Monel mesh strainer and dual sediment prefilters
  • 316 SS pressure regulating valve
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium plunger pump


  • Freshwater flush system is added as either a manual flush or an optional automatic flush


Performance Characteristics
Merk Village Marine
Toepassing Commercieel
Configuratie Frame*
Product type Watermaker
Water productie 1,514 – 7,571 LPD
Pomp High efficiency booster pump, Standard Radial Axial Pump, Optional High Pressure Plunger Pump
Omgekeerde osmose membraan AquaPro high rejection seawater membrane
Filters Multimedia filter with feed and backflush valving; Patented Cycron prefiltration and optional Oil Water separation; Product water Post Filtration; Optional Hydrocyclone Separator
Power opties AC
Aanpassing druk Automatisch
Gewicht 102 – 205 kg
Afmetingen (H x B x L)
  • Hoogte: 16”/41 cm
  • Breedte: 24-28”/71-81 cm
  • Lengte: 27-54”/69-137 cm
Electrische vereisten


* De volledig frame-eenheid is standaard. Echter semi modulair en volledig modulair versies zijn ook beschikbaar.

Parts lists & Exploded views

Drawing version 2004
  Framed unit Semi modular unit Modular unit
400 GPD PWF-400   PWM-400
600-1200 GPD PWF-600-1200 PWSM-600-1200 PWM-600-1200
1600-2000 GPD PWF-1600-2000 PWSM-1600-2000 PWM-1600-2000
High Pressure Pump Exploded Views:   Titan 708-5 ( 70-6178 / 70-6097 ) 
Drawing version 2015
  Framed unit    
400 GPD PW-400    
800 GPD PW-800    
1200 GPD PW-1200    
1600 GPD PW-1600    
2000 GPD PW-2000