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Are you looking for a system for seawater desalination, that is specifically meant for use on boats? Then the team of AquaControl Marine can definitely help you. We offer various marine desalination systems for your leisure or professional purposes. Our experts will gladly tell you more about the different options to desalinate sea water, so you can find the right system for efficient desalination.

Find the right system for seawater desalination in our product range

The watermakers in our range have the ability to desalinate up to 2850 litres of sea water per 24 hours, using reverse osmosis. Thanks to a salt water desalination machine for boats, you always have a large amount of fresh water on board of your vessel. Whichever of our marine desalination systems you decide on: we always provide you with maintenance instructions, so you will know how to properly manage the drinking water filter system. If you are in need of spare parts for your salt water desalination machine, you can also count on us.

Not sure which machine for water desalination on boats is right for you?

Which salt water desalination machine is the best choice for you, depends on your type of boat, circumstances and specific wishes when it comes to a desalinator. Do you have a large boat and a lot of space to place a desalinator? Then you would probably like a larger seawater desalination system with a bigger capacity, to desalinate larger amounts of sea water. If you are looking for options for seawater desalination for your sailboat or a watermaker for your yacht, you will need an extra small system. All systems for marine desalination, which are mostly high quality Parker watermakers, are designed and developed to be user-friendly and serviceable during water treatment.

Receive more information about a specific desalinator for you boat

Would you like to purchase a system for seawater desalination, for example a Cruise RO watermaker, for boats? Then we will gladly help you find the desalinator that best fits your boat and wishes. If you would like to receive more information about how you use a salt water desalination machine to desalinate sea water, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will provide you with all of the information you need about the marine desalination systems in our product range, so you can make the right choice. Call us at +31 164 257235 or send an email to

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