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HRO marine fresh water maker

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AquaControl Marine offers a small, medium, and large HRO marine fresh watermaker. We also have watermakers suitable for limited spaces and power options. HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis) is the first manufacturer of watermakers for sailboats and cruisers and yachts. There are many companies that tried to copy these systems, but without much success. None of them were and are able to match the success of HRO. AquaControl Marine is in direct contact with Parker HRO and has several of their systems in stock. Thus we are able to ensure a swift delivery of your order. HRO have been in business for over 30 years and is the global market leader on a marine fresh watermaker.

Maintaining a HRO marine fresh water maker

AquaControl Marine is specialized in a HRO marine fresh watermaker and offers you several systems. We have the Parker Pro Mini, Seafari Versatile, and H2O ECO in stock. Our watermakers are certified and the high quality is guaranteed. Because of our extensive knowledge and expertise with a HRO marine fresh watermaker, you can also use our services for maintaining and repairing your watermaker. These watermakers are perfect for use at sea. They produce fresh drinking water out of seawater. You will never run out of drinking water again while at sea!