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HRO marine water safety

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AquaControl Marine can tell you all about HRO marine water safety. We supply water makers from HRO that help you produce drinking water from sea water.

HRO marine water safety: produce drinking water from sea water

As a water maker distributor, AquaControl Marine supplies small, medium and large systems from HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis) that help separate pure water from sea water. 

We offer several types of water makers, for instance:

  • Seafari Mini: ideal for power yachts and sailboats up to 45ft;
  • Seafari Versatile: perfect for weekend fishing with limited spaces on your boat;
  • Seafari Quest: engineered for boaters with limited power options.

Our water makers guarantee HRO marine water safety. How this works? The water maker uses three different stages to process the incoming seawater and produce drinking water: pre-filtration, reverse osmosis and post filtration. The system constantly monitors the water for quality and dumps water that is not suitable for drinking.


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