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HRO watermaker

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For a state-of-the-art HRO watermaker, you go to AquaControl Marine. We offer several types of watermakers, including ones suitable for limited spaces and limited power options. Our HRO watermakers are from the world leading company in reverse osmosis watermakers, Parker Water Purification. They were not only designed for leisure, but also for commercial use.

HRO watermaker from AquaControl Marine

The experts from Parker Water Purification have developed advanced water desalination and purification systems for some of the most challenging environments out there. AquaControl Marine has watermakers that are based on reverse osmosis for sale from these experts, that were designed and developed to be user-friendly, serviceable and cutting-edge. Our small, medium and large watermakers have been designed by HRO / Horizon Reverse Osmosis, Sea Recovery and Village Marine. We offer several types of the HRO watermaker, for instance:

  • Seafari Versatile: this Horizon Reverse Osmosis watermaker is perfect for weekend fishing, but has also proven its reliability on smaller commercial vessels like fishing boats, support vessels or tug boats. It is available as a Compact Self Contained system and a Modular system which offers unlimited installation options for limited spaces.
  • Parker PRO Mini: the most compact line of watermakers and perfect to use on sail and small power boaters.

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Are you interested in a watermaker from Village Marine, Horizon Reverse Osmosis or Sea Recovery, or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, for example about a Horizon Reverse Osmosis / HRO watermaker. You can reach us by calling +31 164 257235 or by sending an email to

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