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All watermakers are designed and developed to be user-friendly, serviceable and cutting-edge to offer the best water treatment for any boat.



Outfitting your system with the necessary options and accessories will add more life to your watermaker, and eliminate maintenance cost.



Is your potable water installation in need of maintenance? We have an extensive knowledge of these installations. Therefore, we are capable of delivering the correct parts to you, worldwide and very fast.



AquaControl Marine has a wide range of consumables in stock for your watermaker

If you have been asking yourself the question: osmosis, how does it work? We will gladly tell you more. At AquaControl Marine we sell watermakers that use this technology to create fresh water aboard of vessels. We have a suitable installation for every boat: whether you have a very large boat, or a small sailboat.



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Do you also ask yourself: osmosis, how exactly does it work?

Then we will provide you with a simplified explanation to start with. A solution that is less concentrated, for example water with a low salt concentration (fresh water), will naturally move itself to a solution with a higher concentration, such as seawater. So, if you would have a tub filled with fresh water, and a tub filled with seawater that were separated by a semi-permeable membrane, the fresh water would migrate towards the seawater. With reverse osmosis, this process is reversed. All of our HRO watermakers use reverse osmosis to turn seawater into fresh water. With reverse osmosis, seawater is pushed under pressure through a semi-permeable RO membrane, in order to remove a large majority of contaminants from the water and make it usable for drinking. Almost all of the dissolved salts are left behind in the reject stream of the watermaker. This way, thanks to one of the installations from our product range, you are left with fresh water.


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If you would like to receive a more detailed answer to the question: (reverse) osmosis, how does it work? You can simply get in touch with us. We will tell you more about this technology and about our product range, for example about our Cruise RO watermakers, so you can use this technology to always have fresh water on your ship. You can contact us by phoning +31 164 257235 or by sending an email to We will make sure to answer your question: (reverse) osmosis, how does it work?

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Consumables & Spares

AquaControl Marine has a large volume of consumables and spares in stock for your watermaker from any supplier and has an extensive knowledge of these systems for boats and reverse osmosis in general. Therefore, we are capable of delivering the correct parts to you, worldwide and very fast. Our large variety of products includes various Parker watermakers and all the parts you need.


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