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Parker Premium Service Distributor

AquaControl Marine is selected by Parker as Premium Distributor. When it comes to watermakers we are the specialist:

  • Well trained and qualified service personnel
  • More than 20 years of experience in water treatment
  • Equipped with all necessary
    • measurement and analysis devices
    • specific tools
    • original parts
  • Support of Sub Dealers
  • Direct contact with factory

As Premium Distributor AquaControl Marine is authorised to process warranty claims for parts and repairs and directly repair parts or deliver parts “under factory warranty”. Do you have questions? We like to hear from you!

+31 164 257235

Emergency response

When it comes to resolving technical problems and issues about your watermaker, with AquaControl Marine you are at the right place! We identify and resolve the problem by eliminating the real cause of it!

Fast and skilled! That is what our the emergency response service of AquaControl Marine is like. We are available for our customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to guarantee the availability of your watermaker. An additional service we offer to our loyal customers. Reliable support of a reliable partner. You will be served by professionals who are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of your watermaker. Our professionals combine a thorough knowledge of engineering with relevant experience in practice, so they are able to look beyond just resolving the acute problem. Through the years we have already resolved many lingering problems, often with relatively simple interventions. Our service technicians are equipped with all necessary specific water analyser equipment to assist them to identify the real cause in case of a problem. We believe that a problem can only be resolved adequately when the real cause is known and can be eliminated. With our extensive experience in water treatment, our extensive range of analyzers and our willingness to find the cause, we have proven several times to be able to find adequate solutions for urgent and lingering failures in watermaker systems. Our approach listed:

  • Research to find cause
    • Intake with user with regards to their findings
    • Overall visual inspection of the complete installation
    • Carry out necessary water analyses
    • Checking the electrical mains and connections
    • Overlook available proccess data
  • Resolve problems
    • Discuss our findings with customer
    • Repair any defects (if applicable)
    • Mechanical and/or chemical cleaning of the system (if needed)
    • Advise about improving the watermaker instalation itself or instruct how to better operate it
    • Advise how to prevent repetition of the failure

Do you need technical support? We like to hear from you! +31164257235 or

Service Center

Our technical Service Center offers you the possibility to inspect, repair, overhaul or clean your watermaker.We can also give you, whether or not as a result of an inspection, an advise how to optimise your watermaker and how to perform the necessary preventitive maintenance.

AquaControl Marine European Service Center

  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Tests
  • Telephone support

Our services are not limited to Parker HRO, Sea Recovery and Village Marine watermakers, we do repair, overhaul and maintain all brands! So with AquaControl Marine you are at the right place for advise and services on watermakers of for example Idromar, Katadyn, Schenker, Spectra and Technicomar as well. Do you need technical support? We like to hear from you! +31164257235 or

AquaControl Marine