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Aqua Whisper Mini

The Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Mini Watermaker Series is designed for space restrictions while producing more fresh water, yet keeping the same small footprint. Producing 170 – 750 GPD, this desalinator is the perfect choice for the solo cruiser.

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The Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Mini Series are the smallest line of watermakers. The low-hassle Aqua Whisper Mini is engineered to fit anywhere,  so sail and small power boaters have the opportunity and the convenience of a Sea Recovery watermaker without space restrictions. The Aqua Whisper Mini has a 20 gallon tank and is able to produce between 170 – 750 GPD (644 – 2,839 LPD) in capacity, therefore is this desalinator the perfect seaworthy companion for the solo cruiser.

With the Aqua Whisper Mini, compact boaters carry minimal weight, save space, and cruise without limits to any destination they wish. Weighing at most 130 lbs, the Aqua Whisper Mini is also more convenient than hauling around a full water tank which consequently adds about 8 pounds per gallon to your boat. To illustrate, if a 34 gallon tank is filled to capacity, it adds 342 lbs additional weight to haul, this puts more stress on your engine, slow down speed which as a result increase fuel costs.

Featuring a simple interface, with push button operation, the Aqua Whisper Mini can be monitored via the control panel or remote control (optional). Featuring unlimited features at your control, Semi-Automatic Functions, 6 illuminated LED status indication lamps for system operation, furthermore an optional weekly automatic fresh water flush and sequential starting of electric motors with manual override.


  • 2 Configurations: Compact or Modular
  • Ideal for small power and sail boats
  • Measuring just about 2 – 3 cubic feet
  • Low AC power Consumption
  • DC power available for model: Aqua Whisper Mini 170
  • The Aqua Whisper Mini keeps up it’s reputation as the smallest, most reliable watermaker used by boaters around the world because of it’s stable controller,
  • 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers for accurate measurement of system functions


  • Hour meter for keeping accurate ship’s logs & schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Electronic flow meters for visual monitoring of the product and feed water flow used to calculate production rates of the system
  • Salinity Meter that shows the actual product water quality
  • Product water quality is displayed in bar graph format with 10 additional LEDs


  • Fault LED indication is provided for easy diagnosis of required maintenance
  • The Aqua Whisper Mini is ready to install
  • No optional items required
  • Complete installation kit with a comprehensive and detailed Owner’s Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Technical service dedicated to excellent system performance


  • Including: The quiet stainless steel high pressure pump is specifically designed for sea water reverse osmosis applications. The unique design of this high pressure pump reduces noise level to a negligent hum
  • High efficiency booster pump for extended pre-filter life
  • Quiet high pressure pump runs smooth and is free of pulsations
  • Vibration isolation mounts included


  • Dedicated heavy duty Magnetic Latching Relays for each motor integrated in the system
  • New High rejection / high yield membrane element that produces higher quality product water in a smaller space
  • Fiberglass Reinforced High Pressure Membrane Vessel is stronger and eliminates corrosion


  • A fail safe Product Water Diversion Valve
  • Unique Low Voltage Control Circuitry with shielded terminals and covered high voltage components for end-user safety
  • Safety alarm features


  • Push button remote control
  • Soft Motor Starter that reduces start up power by 60% (for single phase AC powered systems)
  • Sea Strainer for ultimate corrosion resistance and large particulate removal
  • pH Neutralizer
  • Automatic Fresh Water Flush

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