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BOOSTER PUMP ASSY 110/230/50/60/1P


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BOOSTER PUMP ASSY 110/230/50/60/1P
Part No. B016080026
Obsolete Part No. H2016210001, B016120001

This part is compatible with the following systems:
AQUA MATIC 450-1800


Booster Pump supplies a positive pressure to the Pre-filters, and through to the High Pressure Pump. The Horizon Seafari utilizes a pump with a performance curve of 80 Ft Head (35 psi) at 4.2 GPM. The resulting pressure at the High Pressure Pump depends on the final configuration.

  • To Booster Pump Inlet The Booster Pump is a centrifugal pump and it is not self-priming.
  • The booster pump volute must be fully filled with water in order for the booster pump to operate properly.
  • Any air present in the pump prevents the water from flowing.
  • Mounting the booster pump below water level ensures that air never enters the booster pump volute.
  • For best results, install the Booster Pump Below Water Level and close to the Sea Strainer, if installed.
  • The Booster Pump may be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
  • If mounted vertically, the Wet End MUST be mounted DOWN (on bottom).
  • If mounted vertically (with the wet end on top) the motor may develop an electrical short should the wet end of the Booster Pump leak.
  • Connect the Booster Pump inlet to the Sea Strainer Outlet or Sea Cock valve, or if the Inlet Rinse/Clean Valve is installed then connect the Booster Pump Inlet to the Center (common) port of the Inlet Clean/Rinse Valve.
  • Keep this line as short and straight as possible.
  • Avoid up and down loops, 90° elbows, and hose kinks.


Here you will find the exploded part view per water maker system.
For each download, we have indicated on which page you can find the article. If you have any questions after reading this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aqua Whisper Pro – page 7
Aqua Matic 450-1800 – page 11 & 12
Aqua Whisper DX Compact 450-1800 – page 5 & 6

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