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Commercial Pure Water 11-68 m3/day

The Village Marine Pure Water Series Watermaker is designed for continuous duty applications, where fresh water supplies are essential. This desalinator is able to produce between 400-2,000 GPD, making it ideal for commercial marine application.


The Village Marine Pure Water Commercial Series Watermaker systems are the preferred choice of reliable freshwater generating equipment for the most demanding marine operators including major oil companies, The United States Navy, The United States Coast Guard, and The Cousteau Society. Thousands of PW installations have proven the performance and longevity under the most rugged conditions. The modular configuration allows freedom to install components where space permits and the modules are small enough to t through hatchways for installation. Able to produce between 3,000-18,000 GPD (11,000-68,137 LPD), this is an ideal reverse osmosis desalinator for many commercial marine applications.


  • Stainless steel 316 high-pressure valve allows bypass for start-up and low pressure ushing without readjustment of regulating valve


  • Stainless steel, glycerin filled pressure gauges accurately read pressure at filters, pump, and Product
  • Digital water quality monitor displays ppm of total dissolved solids of product water output as well as temperature and total hours for accurate service logs


  • Freshwater flush system extends the life of membranes without use of preservatives


  • At the core of each PW series watermaker is the Aqua Pro 3 or 5 plunger titanium high-pressure pump


  • Stainless steel 316 pre-filtration housings deliver 200 sq. ft. of filtering area
  • Optional multi-media filter for operations in turbid seas


  • Automatic valve diverts the water to discharge if water quality drops below acceptable standards
  • Optional explosion proof rating



Brochure – PW 3000-20000

Manual – PW 8000-20000


Brand: Village Marine
Application: Commercial
Conguration: Compact
Water Flow Rate: 3000-18000 Gal/day, 11,000-68,137 L/day
Pump Type: Aqua Pro 3 or 5 Plunger Titanium High Pressure Pump
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Type: Hi-rejection Aqua Pro® membrane(s)
Filter Type: Pre and post treatment stages, including carbon, plankton, monel screen, and oil water separation lters
Power Source: AC
Pressure Adjustment Control Type: Automatic
Weight: 800-2,250 lb/364-1,022 kg
Height: Varies by Conguration
Width: Varies by Conguration
Length: Varies by Conguration


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