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IMF 20000 AUTO series


IMF-20000 AUTO Media Filtration Systems
Part No. 0101012, 0101013, and 0101014

This part is compatible with the following systems:
PW 3000-7000

Parker Village Marine Tec IMF Media Filtration Systems offer multi-media performance and are specifically engineered to operate with Village Marine Pure Water (PW) Series Watermakers.  The media layers are optimized to remove particulate matter from the feed stream ahead of the micron filtration system.  Parker’s proprietary media targets particulate matter such as turbidity and suspended solids that will otherwise overload the micron filtration portion of a reverse osmosis system. In addition, the advanced media design reduces iron, manganese, and organics in the feed stream.

Standard Features:

  •  All components are made from non-reactive materials (such as schedule 80 PVC, FRP, and 316 stainless steel) to ensure long life and trouble-free operation
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauges for an accurate indication of media backflush requirement
  • Orifice plate assures proper backwash flow
  • Backflush sight glass allows the operator to diagnose filter performance and efficiency
  • These media packages are engineered to reduce iron and manganese, reducing damage to membranes
  • Requires no regeneration
  • Composite 150 psi rated non-corrosive pressure vessel is impervious to the effects of seawater and other corrosives
  • Three-way control valves simplify valve operation for backwash and rinse operations
  • Sea strainer prevents larger particles from entering into the system
  • Skid packaged on a powder-coated base for ease of maintenance and installation
  • 1.5” ANSI flange connections for inlet, outlet, and backwash drain


  • Boost pump and Control Box provides extra feed pressure to the unit
  • Available in: 110/220/440 Volts, 50/60 Hertz
  • Upgrade of piping from polyvinyl chloride sched 80 to fiberglass reinforced plastic

Ordering Note:
To maintain peak performance always use genuine Parker Village Marine Tec. replacement parts.


ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS Contingent on pump model
WEIGHT 2,100 lbs/954 kg
WIDTH 48″/122 cm
DEPTH 48″/122 cm
HEIGHT 95″/241 cm
PRODUCT TYPE Media Filtration System

20000 AUTO series

Part Number Catalog Number GPD LPD Volts Phase Hertz System Configuration
0101012 AutoIMF-20000 57.600 218.040 Automatic
0101013 AutoIMF-20000-BP 57.600 218.040 440 3 60 Automatic
0101014 AutoIMF-20000-BP 57.600 218.040 380 3 50 Automatic


0101012 IMF-20K AUTO WO BP
Media P/N Required Qty
85-5006 5
85-5007 12
85-5008 10
85-5009 7


0101013 IMF-20K AUTO W BP 440/3/60
Media P/N Required Qty
85-5006 5
85-5007 12
85-5008 10
85-5009 7


0101014 IMF-20K AUTO W BP 380/3/50
Media P/N Required Qty
85-5006 5
85-5007 12
85-5008 10
85-5009 7



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