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Part No. B107220002

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Standard 25 to 5 micron Pre-Filters consists of two filter housings connected in series with each other. The filter elements remove suspended solids from the System Feed Water. The first Pre-filter contains a filter element, which filters the feed water to 25 micron. The second Pre-filter contains a finer element, which filters the feed water to 5 micron.

  • Must be mounted against a flat vertical surface using the supplied hardware.
  • It is preferable to mount the Standard Pre-filters in a straight line with and in close proximity to the Booster Pump.
  • Multi-Media Filter Inlet from Booster Pump or Fresh Water Flush.
  • Outlet of Multi-Media Filter to Prefilter Inlet.
  • Allow minimum 4″ below the bottom of the bowl for Pre-filter Element removal.
  • Connect the Booster Pump Outlet (or Plankton Filter Outlet if used or Multi Media Filter Outlet if used) to the Pre-filter Inlet.
  • If the Oil/Water Separator is not used then connect the Standard Pre-filters Outlet to the High Pressure Pump Inlet.


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