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Tasman Sea T-3 Watermakers 8000-18000GPD 30-68 m3 /D The Tasman Sea Systems offer performance and reliability in our standard features: • Oil free Pump • HMI interface • Aluminum Frame • ANSI Flanges • All Controls &

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The Sea Recovery Tasman Sea T3 Watermaker is available in three easily accessible design configurations. Standard with all controller configurations, the PLC control’s local warning displays are capable of detecting potential problems before they become significant performance issues. Also, the Communications Package is standard with the Fully Automatic controller and available as an option for all other control systems. The Communications Package seamlessly allows real-time remote monitoring of process instrumentation, system performance, as well as remote notification of detected system errors, and detailed ‘Maintenance Requests’. You can even start and stop your system remotely with a single command. Equipped with touch screen controls, requiring minimal maintenance, and able to produce up to 6,720 – 23,775 GPD (25,438 – 90,000 LPD), an ideal desalinator for mid-range production needs. This watermaker is suitable in various commercial applications, including Small hotels, Villas, Oil platforms, mid-sized commercial vessels, and small cruise ships.

The following design configurations are available:

1. Basic Semi-Automatic Configuration:

• 4 inch Touch Screen Interface
• Semi-Automatic operation
• Product salinity monitoring
• Multiple Warning Messages
• Performance Monitoring and Alerts
• Automatic start up / shut down functions

2. Semi-Automatic Digital Configuration (Includes all basic control standard features and the following):

• 8 inches, Multi-Color Touch Screen Interface
• Digital monitoring display for process pressure and flow rates
• Maintenance Detection and On-Screen Help
• Digital display of filtration system blockages
• Tank level control
• Optional Multi-Media Filter automation

3. Automatic Configuration (Includes Basic and Digital control standard features and the following):

• Automatic Fresh Water Flush
• Automatic Media Filter Backwash
• Automatic Pre and Post-treatment
• Automatic system pressure regulation
• Automatic back pressure regulation
• Filter Element blockage prediction
• Full Modbus Communications Package


BRAND Sea Recovery
WATER FLOW RATE 24,605-87,064 L/day
PUMP TYPE Exclusive high efficiency Booster Pump, Standard, Oil Free Radial Axial High Pressure Pump, (Optional) High Pressure Plunger Pump
REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE TYPE Selected High Rejection/High Yield aromatic tri-polyamid, thin film composite, spiral wound, single pass, high rejection reverse osmosis membrane element
FILTER TYPE Multimedia filter with feed and backflush valving; Patented Cycron prefiltration and optional Oil Water separation; Product water Post Filtration; Optional Hydrocyclone Separator
WEIGHT 864-1,136 Kg
HEIGHT Main Controller: 49″ / 1,244.6 mm; Membrane Rack: 49″ / 1,244.6 mm
WIDTH Main Controller: 29″ / 736.6 mm; Membrane Rack: 16″ / 406.4 mm
LENGT HMain Controller: 77″ / 1,956 mm; Membrane Rack: 62″ / 1,575 mm
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS See Manual Under Product Support


Catalog Number GPD M3PD Volts Phase Hertz System Configuration Membranes Required

(see prices below)

T3-8000 8.000 30 Horizontal 4 x 33-6030
T3-10000 10.000 38 Horizontal 6 x 33-6030
T3-12000 12.000 45 Horizontal 6 x 33-6030
T3-16000 16.000 61 Horizontal 8 x 33-6030
T3-18000 18.000 68 Horizontal 8 x 33-6030


Brochure – Tasman Sea T3

Manual – Tasman Sea T2

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