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Reverse osmosis water maker

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AquaControl Marine offers you a reverse osmosis water maker from HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis). We supply water makers that make it possible to produce drinking water from sea water.

Reverse osmosis water maker from AquaControl Marine

Our small, medium and large water makers are from HRO and have been designed to be cutting edge, serviceable and user friendly. Aside from several types of water makers, we also offer accessories, replacement parts, maintenance and support. Are you interested in a reverse osmosis water maker? 

Take a look at our water makers and decide which one is best suitable for you:

  • Seafari Versatile: this water maker is perfect for weekend fishing, as it is available as a Compact Self Contained system and a Modular system which offers unlimited installation options for limited spaces.
  • Seafari Mini: ideal for power yachts or sailboats up to 45ft. The Seafari Mini is the perfect solution for boats with little space to spare.
  • Seafari Quest: The new R.O. boost Seafari Quest is engineered for boaters with limited power options. Featuring automatic operation, it is ideal for small boats and sail boats.

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We gladly take the time to tell you all about a reverse osmosis water maker. Call us on phone number +31 164 257235 or fill out the contact form. Please don’t hesitate to ask us all your questions! If you want to stay updated on the latest news and developments, subscribe to our newsletter.