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A watermaker
your sailboat



All watermakers are designed and developed to be user-friendly, serviceable and cutting-edge to offer the best water treatment for any boat.



Outfitting your system with the necessary options and accessories will add more life to your watermaker, and eliminate maintenance cost.



Is your potable water installation in need of maintenance? We have an extensive knowledge of these installations. Therefore, we are capable of delivering the correct parts to you, worldwide and very fast.



AquaControl Marine has a wide range of consumables in stock for your watermaker

If you are looking for a desalination watermaker for your sailboat, you can find several options for a high quality desalinator at AquaControl Marine. We offer these installations for sailboats of up to 45 feet. The watermakers have the ability to produce up to 2850 litres of drinking water per 24 hours. Thanks to such a desalination unit, you always have a large amount of fresh water on board of your sailboat. It does not matter whether you have little space to spare or if you have lots of space available to place a desalinator, we offer the perfect desalination watermaker for your sailboat. Just take a look at all the possibilities we have to offer!



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Always have plenty of fresh water with a desalination watermaker for your sailboat

With a watermaker for your sailboat, you are sure to have plenty of fresh water available. These installations are used for the desalination of sea water to turn it into fresh potable water using reverse osmosis. They are perfect when spending a lot of time at sea. Even if you spend only a weekend on the water, for a fishing trip for example, we offer a suitable desalinator for your sailboat. Depending on the capacity you need, you can choose the Seafari Versatile or the Parker PRO Mini to produce fresh drinking water from seawater. Are you not sure which installation best fits your situation? Receive personal advice from our experienced employees!


Benefit from the many great features

There are many great features you benefit from when you buy a desalination Parker watermaker for your sailboat from us. Obviously, you are always ensured of a large quantity of fresh water daily, but you also benefit from state-of-the- art technology and practical advantages. Are you interested in such a desalinator for your sailboat? Call us at +31 164 257235 or send an email to We are happy to inform and advise you about the different installations in our product range, for example a Cruise RO watermaker.

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Consumables & Spares

AquaControl Marine has a large volume of consumables and spares in stock for your watermaker from any supplier and has an extensive knowledge of these systems for boats and reverse osmosis in general. Therefore, we are capable of delivering the correct parts to you, worldwide and very fast. Our large variety of products includes various Parker watermakers and all the parts you need.


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